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Norco Abuse

Norco is one of the most abused prescription drugs in the United States. This adds weight to the notion that there is a significant correlation between the issuance of prescription drugs and the rate of abuse.

In fact, prescription drugs are some of the most abused in the United States. This is aggravated by their ease of availability, not only from legal sources, but also on the street and from other illegal outlets.

Norco is a combination of two drugs: hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Acetaminophen is actually mild compared with hydrocodone. However, it helps to increase the effectiveness of hydrocodone in pain management. It is also known to come with a number of side effects.

Hydrocodone, for its part, falls into the class of opiates and is known to be a very powerful analgesic. It is also known to have serious side effects, especially in terms of impeding the normal functioning of some important body organs. Both these drugs are known to enhance the effectiveness of Norco in treating pain and suppressing fever.

Norco Abuse

An individual may get addicted to Norco innocently or deliberately. Either way, this addiction is always a result of development of physical dependency, especially with extended use of the drug.

Overuse of Norco without medical supervision may lead to development of physical dependency. This is a situation where an individual develops a strong craving for the drug. Although this does not necessarily point to abuse, it could lead to addiction. This is because the individual takes the drug for extended periods of time.

As time goes by, the drugs may actually become less effective in bringing about the effects for which they are being taken. This is called chemical tolerance. This tolerance develops as a result of chemical residue deposited by continued use of the drug. It implies that the individual may have to take more of the drug to manage the pain or bring about the initial effects.

Note that any increase in the intake of the drug only brings temporary relief, since with time, it is also rendered ineffective. This forces the individual to again increase the dosage. Increasing the dosage only aggravates the situation, and the individual may end up overdosing on Norco.

All this underlines the importance of taking the drug only as prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner. Although there is still a chance that a user will develop physical dependency, at least there is less danger of abuse.

The abuse of Norco comes with numerous side effects. These side effects vary in intensity in different individuals depending on the amounts taken, the length of time the drug is taken, the state of each individual’s health, and so on. When Norco is combined with alcohol, narcotic medications, other prescription drugs, vitamins, mineral and herbal supplements, the side effects are not only more pronounced, but could also be fatal.

Common side effects include constipation, dry mouth, feelings of sedation, dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea and vomiting. Although there is nothing much one can do to prevent the side effects from occurring, one may prevent the occurrence of more severe side effects.

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