Norco Abuse Treatment

Norco Abuse Treatment

Individuals abusing Norco experience an uncontrollable and compulsive craving for the drug. They may focus their attention on seeking it out and consuming it, even when continued use of the drug has extremely adverse health consequences. Norco falls under the category of narcotic painkillers known to be very effective in relieving pain and suppressing fever. It is a brand combining hydrocodone, an opiate, and acetaminophen.

Both of these drugs are known to be very effective in relieving pain. When combined, they enhance the effectiveness of Norco in the treatment of pain and fever.

Because it is a narcotic, it should not be surprising that the drug carries an element of addictiveness. This comes as a result of physical dependency developing after the individual has been taking the drug for some time. Note that the addiction develops at varying rates in different individuals. This depends on the amounts taken, duration of consumption, and metabolism of the drug in the body, as well as the chemical composition of an individual’s body.

There are various reasons for abusing Norco. Some individuals will abuse the drug in an effort to manage pain, while others take it due to misdiagnosed anxiety. Still others will take it for recreation purposes, due to the euphoric feelings it produces, while some abuse it as a way of dealing with unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

Norco Abuse Treatment

Either way, the result is physical dependency which then leads to continued usage of the drug. Eventually, the individual becomes chemically tolerant, rendering the drug ineffective. This prompts them to increase their intake of the drug.

When an individual has been taking the drug for a long time, some residue of the drug builds up in their system. In addition, the normal functioning of the brain is altered. Since the body grows accustomed to having the chemicals in the system, it becomes increasingly difficult for the individual to stop taking the drug. This is due to the withdrawal symptoms that arise, especially when someone tries to stop taking the drug abruptly.

The best treatment for Norco abuse is done in rehabilitation centers (800-303-2482), where professional medical practitioners can provide the patient with guidance and monitoring of withdrawal symptoms.

It is important to acknowledge that no treatment can ever be successful without the full cooperation of the individual. In this case, the addict must realize that they have a problem and be willing to seek help from rehabilitation centers.

In rehabilitation centers, users undergo counseling to determine the real cause of the abuse. This is important, as it means that individuals can be counseled on how to deal with predisposing factors, and on how to prevent themselves from slipping back into a problem situation. In addition, the individual is taken though the process of detoxification. This is aimed at doing away with the chemical residue that has built up in the body’s tissues.

The toxic substances are responsible for dependency and chemical tolerance. There are numerous ways of weaning an individual off a drug. However, the most effective method is rapid detoxification where an individual goes through general anesthesia; by the time they wake up, the craving is gone. The individual does not have to undergo the pain of withdrawal symptoms.

The individual also undergoes behavioral counseling so they can learn to replace bad habits with good ones. At every stage of treatment, it is important that the addict be given full support by loved ones.