Norco Abuse Side Effects

Norco Abuse Side Effects

Norco, a narcotic painkiller, has been in use for many years. Norco is a brand name for an opiate prescription drug used in treating pain and suppressing fever. It is a combination of two drugs, hydrocodone and acetaminophen. The combination of these two drugs is believed to increase its effectiveness where treating pain and suppressing fever is concerned. Hydrocodone is a strong opiate known to be very effective in treating pain. Acetaminophen is milder than hydrocodone. It is also known to be very effective in treating pain.

Both components can cause their own side effects. Hydrocodone, in particular, can produce some important side effects.

Several things could lead to Norco abuse or addiction. There may be instances where an individual increases the intake of Norco in an effort to manage some chronic or acute pain. At other times, it could be the result of misdiagnosed depression, trauma or even anxiety. However, it is important to acknowledge Norco abuse resulting from recreational use of the drug. In general, Norco abuse is behavioral in nature, with an individual taking the drug against the recommendation of qualified medical practitioners, or for purposes other than the intended medical ones.

Norco Abuse Side Effects

Norco abuse mainly results from the development of physical dependency. This is not unique to Norco; other drugs, whether prescription or non-prescription, can cause dependency. Dependency itself does not necessarily point to abuse. However, with continued use, an individual’s chemical tolerance to the drug can build up, thus rendering it ineffective in treating pain, suppressing fever or even bringing about euphoric feelings.

Norco side effects are experienced in various ways, depending on the individual. In fact, there are variations in the severity of side effects, as well as in their duration. The side effects may be determined by an individual’s body chemistry, as well as how they metabolize the drug. In addition, the way the drug works in the body may be influenced by its interaction with other drugs.

Norco side effects may be more pronounced if an individual combines it with other narcotic drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs, vitamins, herbal supplements and minerals. Some of the less dangerous side effects include dry mouth, nausea with or without vomiting, lightheadedness, feelings of sedation and dizziness. The individual may also have blurred vision, ringing in their ears, stomach upset, drowsiness, anxiety and headaches.

An individual may experience more dangerous side effects, including shallow breathing, hives, fainting, seizures and difficulty when urinating. In addition, the individual’s eyes or skin may become yellow, a condition known as jaundice. The individual may also experience loss of appetite, stomachaches, itching, dark urine and clay colored stool. It is important for the individual to seek immediate medical attention in such circumstances to prevent worsening of symptoms.

Anyone who wants to quit taking Norco should only do so under the direction of qualified medical practitioners (800-303-2482) who can provide guidance on the most appropriate way of dealing with withdrawal symptoms.